PHP v7.2 will have native Cryptography

PHP v7.2 will have native Cryptography

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PHP is a server-side programming language widely used in the development of dynamic content web pages such as blogs. In order to make the developments with this programming language as safe as possible, members of the PHP team have voted to include Libsodium’s cryptographic libraries in the native language, thus becoming the first modern programming language to include This type of default libraries so that developers do not rely on third-party libraries.

These new libraries will come to this programming language natively with the arrival of PHP 7.2. As their developers say, one of the main reasons why this decision has been made is because WordPress, the CMS most used worldwide, does not have this type of default libraries and most users do not install them manually. If PHP implements such libraries natively, blogs can be much more secure by default and also eliminate the need to use third-party extensions. Shared hosting can also benefit from this security enhancement.

Those responsible for this programming language will update the documentation so that all developers know how to use such libraries, but assure that it will be very simple and no programmer should have problems to call them or to update their projects to the new version 7.2 that Already includes these new cryptographic functions.

So far no other programming language has yet taken the step that has given PHP to greater security, we will see over the course of the year what other languages add to this good practice.

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