CISCO present its new gamma of Firewall

CISCO present its new gamma of Firewall

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CISCO has introduced the new Firepower 2100 Firewall range, which focuses on the availability and protection of critical functions and business data, simplifies management of the organizations architecture and ensures maximum performance without affecting the Asset protection.

The company ensures up to 200% data transfer rate improvements to eliminate bottlenecks from the end of the network to the data center. This, says Cisco, eliminates the need to choose between performance and security.

The architecture that ensures performance without affecting asset protection consists of the first dual multicore CPU configuration on the market.

The range consists of four models that offer a data transfer rate of between 1.9 and 8.5 Gbps. Duplicate port density with 10GbE connectivity in a 1RU design.

The company has also improved local management tools (centralized and in the cloud) in a way that helps companies to centralize operations and respond to users in a more agile and efficient way.

As David Ulevitch, vice president and general manager of the Cisco Security Division, has pointed out, the range “simplifies organizational architecture management and ensures maximum performance at all times.” These are the qualities for the executive more than at present, when corporations face the “professional deficit and the increase of vectors of attack”.

Features and capabilities

With the Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100, you can quickly deploy any Cisco or third-party network virtual services through a native user interface, WebUI, simple, built-in command line interface (CLI), or REST ) API.

The platform helps you respond to the challenges of today’s data centers and responds quickly to changing service demands.


With the Cloud Services Platform 2100 as the NFV base platform, Secure Agile Exchange securely connects users, including employees, customers and partners, to applications. By implementing Secure Agile Exchange in colocation centers, customers can virtualize network services as well as other applications and consolidate them into a single platform. This facilitates deployment and administration, and can save costs.

Secure Agile Exchange includes:

  • NFV Platform: CSP 2100
  • Change Fabric: Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches
  • Network Services: Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V, Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance, Cisco Firepower NGFW Virtual and Third Party VNFs
  • Services, including Cisco Advisory and Implementation Services and Cisco Managed Services

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