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CrowdInspect scans the process that your OS is running to look for malware

CrowdInspect is a tool that scans active processes for malware on Windows systems. Its range of action covers all processes, not just those that communicate over the network, showing a detailed report if it finds it.

The feature that is most useful at first glance is a column with the VirusTotal marker for each file. To identify possible threats in it, the program uses colors to improve the visibility and understanding of non-expert users. Right-clicking on any process allows us to see detailed report on the web, it is organized in columns, in which we can see if a process has open network connections, the program will scan its type, state, ports and IPs , Both locally and remotely. Another column shows the trusted marker for each remote IP (which can help you detect an unwanted connection, even if it is not started by malware).

If you want to receive more information about the processes that connect to the Internet, in the upper left part of CrowdInspect you will find a button called “Live / History” allows you to see a history that shows all active Internet connections while the program is running.

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