Knock knock Neo – IT Security

Knock knock Neo – IT Security

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Lets create the bases to can start to talk about IT Security and then about Ethical Hacking.

Currently the world is being ruled by technology, everybody need it and want it, people wants more and more as sheeps asking for grass… they want more megapixels in their cameras but they don’t know how it works, the want better phones with more RAM and one Snapdragon with a high number just to send  WhatsApps and read Facebook and they also think that “Privacy” means they can control exactly what they want to show to others and their secrets are safe… and the true is that “Privacy” doesn’t exist if you are carry on a mobile phone with you wherever you go, using any kind of social network, have a laptop or use a website just to read the news.

$ Wake up Neo the matrix has you…

As the writer I don’t pretend that you trust each sentence that you’re reading on this post because I’m giving you a different perspective, but you should be aware of something… that camera that’s on your laptop and on top and behind of your phone is taking photos of you and your environment without your consent, the microphone is recording you and every keyword that you press is being recorded, every connection that you decide to establish with a server when you type is in a database with your name, your address, your phone and photos of you to know who you are, how you think, what you see, ,what you talk and what you are looking for.

So, how is it possible? what’s the meaning of that?

Talking in a metaphoric way, you are an slave my dear reader, you’re one more battery of the system, you’re using a mobile phone or laptop to read this post and you had to paid for it, you worked to get that money… money that the government put on the streets through banks, then it goes to the people/companies that pay you and you return this money again to the system by different ways, however you can call them “taxes”, “mortgage”, “insurance” and so on.

As “money” is just a way to control you, “privacy” is just a word to give you a false sensation of control… but why?

If you think that you’re a “Mr/Mrs. Nobody” and nobody cares you, you are wrong… governments don’t hack you to know what are you talking with your mom once per week or to get the nudes that you’re saving in a hide folder called “Game of Thrones S06”, they do it to know if you are a terrorist, drug dealer or pedophile and it keeps you alive… hackers also try to hack you to get your money and personal information… friends also want something from you, they want to know what are you doing, to where are you going on holidays and who’s your new partner.

So try to have privacy beyond the hands of those that I just mentioned is like go to the beach trying to avoid the sun.

Following the name of this blog (Best Security Practice) I’m going to show you step by step what hackers, admins and users are doing it to get you and make you understand how it works and how to protect yourself.

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