Metadefender Endpoint for Microsoft

Metadefender Endpoint for Microsoft

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Metadefender Endpoint can be downloaded for free for Windows operating systems and provides us with an analysis of the security of our operating system. The software will offer results that will serve the user to improve the security of your PC. Installed programs, security-related functions and basic configurations are roughly the three points that are verified to obtain a final score.

Although we have said that it is not a security tool as such, it is true that it offers the user the possibility to eliminate unwanted programs that are installed on the computer.

I have already hinted that the software is compatible with Windows in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. However, it is not the only operating system available. Currently, the developers have published a trial version for the Mac OS X operating system. On Linux have not poured any information so it is not known if there will finally be a version or if these two operating systems will have them Access to the tool.


When we start the application begins with the analysis of the operating system. This operation can take several minutes, obviously depending on the software on the computer as any antivirus would. Once the process is completed, it offers a score of 0 to 100. Obviously, the greater the better the safety of our equipment. By clicking on the sector diagram we will get a much greater detail on the areas of safety of our team to improve.

To make you understand how the evaluation takes place, antivirus and add-on tools contribute up to 50% of the total score. The existence of an active firewall and the updates of the equipment and tools contribute only 15% of the final note.

Backup, disk encryption and so on to complete a long list of aspects that occupy much of the remaining percentage.

Have a look by yourself of Metadefender Endpoint.

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