Ransomware WannaCry is the protagonist today in Spain

Ransomware WannaCry is the protagonist today in Spain

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Today Telefonica Movistar in Spain woke up under a Ransomware attack and another companies are under threat.

Telefónica in Spain is suffering one of the most important cyber attacks in its history and the information that is being received point to a ransomware called “WannaCry Decryptor”… as we know the basic funicon of a Ramsomware is to hijack the data of infected computers encrypting them and then the hacker asks for a rescue of the victim in order to decrypt the computer. Telefonica workers could not regain access to them until they paid an economic reward to the hackers responsible for the attack.

That has caused the company to jump the alarms and various sources have indicated that an emergency protocol is being followed that has made both workers in their offices and external who have access to the intranet immediately shut down their computers. The danger seems real and important. How could this have happened, and what to do to solve it?

How works the Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that is installed silently on mobile devices and computers of all types under any OS and once put into action encrypts or encrypts all data to block access to them without the password that allows decode them.

The mechanism of malware access to affected computers is varied, but above all the victim is usually infected through spam mails: receipts or false invoices, job offers, security warnings or notices of undeliverable mails, etc.

If the victim opens the ZIP/RAR file that is normally attached to these emails, a malicious JavaScript is activated that causes the malware to be installed so that the cyber attacker activates it when it deems it appropriate.

This type of attack can also be activated through exploits that exploit vulnerabilities of all kinds. The latest data from the cyberattack suffered by Telefónica seem to target Windows computers, and just this week Microsoft was issuing a patch for a “Zero Day” critical vulnerability that it had recently discovered that was especially dangerous.

Or you pay, or you forget your data (more or less)

To achieve the password, those responsible for this type of cyber attack demand a rescue that is often economic. As seen in the image, what affected users see is usually an informational screen asking for a sum of money (in this case, 3002$ in bitcoin) that must be paid in a set time, or else That data will be blocked forever.

Those affected by cyberattack have few options, and in fact many are considering paying those amounts directly since the recovery of data is often very difficult otherwise.

Even paying, warn the security experts, guarantees that the attacker offers the encryption key are not total, something that leaves us even more vulnerable. Here, the ideal thing is, as security companies like Kaspersky point out, is to have backups: backups can save us from these situations, especially if the company follows a proper policy with frequent updates of those copies. This would allow those affected to recover the data (or the vast majority of them) from those backups and be able to avoid the threat.

Ransomware is becoming really really fast in the malware most dangerous, it’s like the Sida of a computer, let see how the security evolves to solve this critical issue.

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  1. wow, I think people are just too gullible and open anything they find in the internet.

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