Wikileaks Vault 7 publish the CIA Hacking Tools

Wikileaks Vault 7 publish the CIA Hacking Tools

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Wikileaks has just made a fairly serious charge in which it accuses the CIA of conducting a global hacking project in which trivial products such as cell phones and televisions were used as hidden microphones.

Vault7 is the largest leak of CIA information in history. Extracted from a cyber-intelligence center in Langley (Virginia) supposedly isolated and secure, it includes a total of 8761 classified documents and most of its hacking arsenal. The file appears to have been circulating unauthorizedly between former hackers and government providers, one of whom has provided snippets to Wikileaks.
The situation is called Year Zero by Wikileaks and in the press release indicate that “the CIA lost control of most of its hacking arsenal that includes malware, viruses, Trojans, zero-day exploits converted into weapons and The associated documentation “.

With Year Zero, Wikileaks hopes to unveil “the reach and direction of the CIA’s global hacking program.” The program turned telephones and televisions into spy devices. “Year Zero” contains 7818 web pages with 943 documents. A compressed and encrypted torrent file has been published with the information (513 MB). The password can be found on Twitter.

The report includes data on how the CIA would have essentially transformed all electronic devices into long distance microphones, including devices with iOS, macOS, Windows, Solaris, Linux, Android, and even Samsung Smart TVs, thanks to various fraudulent applications that Filtered data on geolocation, communications via text and also activated the camera of our mobile phone at a distance.

Such programs would be widely used by users such as 2048, Breakout2, Skype, Prezi, VLC, Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, among others.


The malware that ran behind the applications mentioned above would have been able to encrypt the encryption of our WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Weibo, Confide and Cloackman conversations, even though none of the above has been fully confirmed by the manufacturers or developers , Given the recent nature of this allegation.

The plan, called Weeping Angel (or Angel Lloron) was drawn up, at least on the edge related to Samsung’s Smart TVs, with help from MI5 UK and Birmingham Trainee Solicitors’ Society (BTSS), xploit consisting of A false shutdown mode in which the computer in question recorded the conversations and sent them to the CIA servers.

It is strikingly clear that the CIA and the NSA are developing spying programs simultaneously, especially when the Wikileaks report reveals a certain rivalry between the two institutions. According to the paper, the first entity has stolen some of the funding from the National Security Agency, all in order to create a fleet of drones for war purposes and also to fund the activities of the hacking team that makes this move today .

All this, to explain it in simple terms, has its roots in the case of Edward Snowden and the NSA, where manufacturers and software developers essentially resorted to the corresponding governmental entities to request that, in case they find fault in their Systems or codes, please inform them to repair them. This initiative provides a 90-day deadline for companies to work on fixing such vulnerabilities, similar to what happens with Google’s Zero Project.

The black point of all this is that all the data leaks that occurred were because the CIA would have found faults in the codes of the affected devices, but never informed this to the software developers, thus taking advantage of the equipment And transforming them into spying devices at a distance. While doing a “responsible disclosure” exercise can be valuable, many of the tools are likely to be exploited by malicious third parties to exploit different devices and technologies.

What’s published so far is a veritable arsenal of tools created by a staff of 5,000 hackers who for years have been working for the CIA, millions of lines of code designed to turn any domestic device into a spy tool at the service of the US Government. UU. And their allies.

The number of documents in Year Zero, exceeds the number of documents leaked by Snowden during the first 3 years of their leaks. Here is a summary of the published documents:

  • Samsung TVs are turned into remote microphones when they are supposed to be off (they are actually suspended).
  • Audios and messages from WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, #Confide and Cloackman can be collected before messages are encrypted. This does not mean that the protocols of those messengers have been violated.
  • Dedicated malware for Windows, OSx, Linux and routers.
  • Malware that extracts information with “Air Gap” techniques. Information is extracted acoustically and through the use of different frequencies.
    CIA investigations of vehicle control systems. There is no definite purpose but a likely use is the “undetectable” murder of someone in your vehicle.
    Array of hacking, bot and RAT tools that allow you to take full remote control of devices.
  • Exploits 0-Day for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Thousands of CIA targets located in Latin America, Europe and the United States.
  • Hacking tools focused on Apple operating systems. Perhaps because of the increasing use of devices in the political, social, diplomatic and business class.
    Serious vulnerabilities, exploits, bugs and 0-Days in Apple, Google, Microsoft and US-based manufacturing companies not reported.
  • Tools developed to be executed by “proximity”, with the possibility of entering systems not connected to the Internet.
  • Forensic analysis techniques and antivirus skipping.
    The case contains a lot of information that we will see developed, expanded and debated over the next few days, but we can say that, if all of the above is confirmed, this is the biggest case of massive espionage of all time. Economic, political and social implications in general.

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